Some things
should stay
A list should be quick to create and easy to maintain.
DeadSimpleTodo is effortless.
Managing a task list should never distract you from your work.
With DeadSimpleTodo you can do it right in your editor.
A developers' best friend. Portable, light­weight, smart, ready to use. You can literally install it anywhere - the only dependency is php. No install, no database, no nothing.

It works from a simple text file. It just looks a lot better. You can use color icons, html, markdown, hashtags and everything to make it look professional but in the background it's still nothing but plain text - something your editor or IDE will happily deal with! Also you can export, import, add, delete, move, reorder items, you can copy/move items across lists – you have full control. This is the power of a text file!

Still it can do a lot. With its clever little hashtags you can mark an item done, or in progress, halfway done, almost done, important, urgent, paused in the middle - and these are just the built-in ones with icons. You can add your own tags. Then you can narrow down the list on a tag - it's one click. So convenient that you'll go looking for the same functionality in other products. Well? Good luck with that :)

And it's FREE. Like 100%, genuinely, ultimately, truly free, now and forever. It's not a product with a price tag, not a subscription-based service, it's not something I'm going to make a living from. It's just there. Use it. It's fun, I promise.
use your favourite editor
minimize reporting time
offer a better insight
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Copyright © 2017, Denes Kellner
Shared under the MIT License