Some notes

These first 3 items are not editable

But all the rest is. You can even give another title to the document; no problem, but these items like to stay up here to let everyone know what's going on (instead of asdfasdfloremipsum).

On your own server, of course, you have full control. The list is yours from the first item to the last. Also, once you're the host (and therefore trusted per def), you can use whatever HTML you see fit. You can even play videos under each item, it's all up to you. This kind of protection is only built in this green- on-black online editor (to prevent smart users hacking around), not the task list itself.

The green editor on the right is not part of the game

It's just a separate thing to make it easier to understand how plain this plaintext really is. What you can do is edit todo.txt with ANYTHING. With Notepad, with UltraEdit, with PhpStorm, SublimeText - you name it. Anything that can handle utf8 text files will do nicely; it's more convenient if you can do it right over FTP but TotalCommander takes care of it for you if you don't have such a skilled editor.

You can add any tags, not just the ones listed below

In fact, it's a good idea to add tags for filtering, not (just) for icons. Icons are nice but thematic filtering is a real strength - this is what we do instead of creating/modifying/sorting groups and use 300k javascript libraries to make them draggable. Maybe one day I'll make a fancy new click-and-play tool to help editing; but I'll never make it exclusive, nor default.

This is your playground!

Hello darkness my old friend

I've come to talk with you again